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Less – Doctors for Balance

Just as the world is currently out of balance, so are many people in the health or private sphere. As doctors and medical journalists, we would like to support you with our innovative health blog in finding your personal way back to a more balanced, energetic and healthy life.

Our topics are based on twenty years of experience in clinics and own practice as well as countless publications. We position ourselves on current trends and inform you in an understandable way about the latest results from research and science. Because we are mothers, friends, daughters and partners ourselves, you will find well-founded and easy-to-implement insider knowledge here.

Join us in activating your inner physician

MORE balance, MORE health, MORE energy, MORE serenity, MORE happiness and MORE beauty with insights from epigenetics, stress medicine, microbiome research, nutritional medicine, endocrinology, environmental medicine and many other sciences.


LESS stress, LESS hormonal chaos, LESS chronic disease, LESS environmental stress, LESS toxic relationships, LESS microplastics, LESS autoimmune disease, and overall.

Midlife Care – our book

‘A life-changing new book.’ DAILY MAIL

Midlife Care – Our book for the midlife phase. For all women available in the following languages:

German, English click here in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Dutch klik hier, Hungarian kattintson ide and Slovenian – to order at Amazon and at the publishers.

In September 2021 also in Korean and Chinese.

Both from our own experience and from thousands of conversations with patients and interviews, we know the challenges of midlife. Since the hormones can get into chaos much earlier than known – already at 40+ – it is very close to our heart to support all women comprehensively and in the best possible way in this phase of their lives with our book as a preventive and/or accompanying measure.

Click here for the reading sample.

Re Power – our new book in 2021, available now in German language

Book release 25.3. 21 at Dussmann, Berlin in the Livestream (click here)

Healthy, slim and happy with the help of our most important organs.

reading sample

Gut, thyroid, adrenals and hormones are team players. Together they power our health and keep our immune system healthy. The great side effect: we are fit, slim and happy. In this book, we show how to strengthen each organ and hormonal system so that together they effectively protect us all. Based on current medical studies, we have put together care packages for more energy, lightness and balance in life.

Including 28-day program!

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